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Ivan Marić is a recurring character in the Through the Thorns to the Stars Anime. He is a Tennis Player from TC Biograd and Duje's good friend.


In the anime

Ivan is a Junior Tennis Player from TC Biograd. In EP005, he tells Duje all informations about CTA and Zadar Junior Tennis Circuit. He and Duje quickly become friends. He knows a lot about tennis. Ivan is a very flirtatious person. He often gives Duje advices in tennis.


Ivan is a highly skilled player specializing in a defensive style. Ivan strongly believes that the key to winning is in good tactics. What he lacks in attack, he makes up in defense.


  • Head Nano Ti Tour


Opponent Episode Result Court Type of match Round
Duje Horvat EP012-EP013 4-6 Clay Zadar Junior Tennis Circuit Year 2 QF
Gabriel Božić EP026 0-6, 3-6 Hard/Indoor Šibenik Junior Indoor Championship 1R
Eugen Jančić Unknown Loss Hard Tournament Unknown
Unknown EP052 6-3, 2-6, 6-3 Hard Dalmatia Junior Tennis Championship 2R
Božidar Perković EP053 2-6, 2-6 Hard Dalmatia Junior Tennis Championship 3R