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List of Episodes

Season 1

EP001 Welcome to the Tennis World
EP002 I'll Become Stronger
EP003 Duje's First Tennis Match
EP004 Duje's Challenge
EP005 Zadar Junior Tennis Circuit Begins
EP006 Better Then Expected
EP007 First Victory
EP008 The Road to the Champions
EP009 The Progress
EP010 Lucky Shot
EP011 Memory
EP012 No One Gives Up
EP013 Unexpected
EP014 Semifinal Starts Now
EP015 Unusual Way of Calming
EP016 Think About Strategy
EP017 Meeting With a Prodigy
EP018 Luka's Glorious Debut
EP019 Point Worth of Gold
EP020 Start of Body's Transformation
EP021 All-Around Tennis Player
EP022 Bad Luck
EP023 Duje's Weaknesses
EP024 True Power
EP025 Almost Impossible
EP026 This is National Level
EP027 What to do?
EP028 Not Enough
EP029 Match with a Pro
EP030 2-Step Attack
EP031 Feeling Frustrated
EP032 Regaining Confidence
EP033 Strategy Works Well
EP034 Heartbreak
EP035 Return to Croatia
EP036 Powerful Serve
EP037 Overcome a Barrier

Season 2

EP038 S2EP01 To the New Battles
EP039 S2EP02 New Weapon
EP040 S2EP03 Critical Battle
EP041 S2EP04 Match-Up with Lucija?
EP042 S2EP05 Lack of Experience
EP043 S2EP06 Change of Pace Strategy
EP044 S2EP07 Fatigue
EP045 S2EP08 Rematch
EP046 S2EP09 Different
EP047 S2EP10 First Round Win
EP048 S2EP11 Mateo Blažević
EP049 S2EP12 Amazing
EP050 S2EP13 Facing the Pressure
EP051 S2EP14 Forward
EP052 S2EP15 Zone
EP053 S2EP16 Unsportmanslike Behavior
EP054 S2EP17 Own Ability
EP055 S2EP18 Biggest Threat
EP056 S2EP19 Close to the Best
EP057 S2EP20 Risky
EP058 S2EP21 Answer
EP059 S2EP22 Attack vs Defense
EP060 S2EP23 Acknowledgement
EP061 S2EP24 Inter-High Championship
EP062 S2EP25 Alan Petrović
EP063 S2EP26 Crown of All-Croatia
EP064 S2EP27 Golden Opportunity
EP065 S2EP28 Unknown
EP066 S2EP29 Unknown
EP067 S2EP30 Unknown
EP068 S2EP31 Unknown
EP069 S2EP32 Unknown
EP070 S2EP33 Unknown